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Choosing your funding method

Meeting your requirements Contract Hire Contract Purchase Hire/Lease Purchase Personal Leasing Outright Purchase
Finance/Taxation Issues
Accurate monthly budgeting Y Y Y Y Y
Improved cash flow Y Y Y Y Y
Minimum capital expenditure Y Y Y Y Y
Fixed interest rate Y Y Y Y N/A
Capital allowances available Y Y N/A Y
Rental allowable against taxable income Y Y Y N/A
Ownership of vehicle # Y## Y Y## Y
VAT chargeable on rentals Y
VAT recoverable on monthly rentals Y*
VAT recovered on purchase cost by Finance Company & passed on to Customer in lower rental Y
No depreciation risks Y Y Y
Vehicle Running Requirements
No vehicle disposal problems Y Y Y
Reduced administration Y Y Y Y Y
On-going advice/support Y Y Y Y Y
Road fund licence provided Y Y Y
Breakdown rescue cover Y Y Y
Replacement vehicle in case of breakdown Y Y
Fixed maintenance charge ## Y Y Y
VAT chargeable on services Y Y Y Y
VAT recoverable on services Y Y N/A
Optional GAP Insurance ** Y Y Y Y
# At end of contract with financing products.
## Optional.
* 50% of the VAT relating to the finance element is receoverable if private use. 100% if only business use. 100% if the service element VAT (on contract hire only) is recoverable if business use.
** GAP insurance covers the short-fall between the write-off & value at time of loss.